About Tech+Earth

I’m concerned about the environment. I also geek out on software dev. This is my blog is about the intersection of tech and sustainabilty. I write about technology use in areas like building energy science, agroecology, ecology and other fields where interesting work is being done and some kind of positive effect is possible.

Things seem grim these days, but I believe we can create a sustainable world. At least part of that effort involves software and high tech solutions. Smart use of technology will be helpful, but only if the work includes humility, respect for the wisdom of our ancestors, and an openness to all viewpoints, including the belief that ‘green-tech’ is inherently flawed.

My name is Daniel and I’m an independent software developer living in beautiful Hobart, Australia. I work on software applications that help make buildings more efficient, including the SEED project, COMFEN desktop application, SensorSuitcase project and ESTCP project, all for Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL). I’m also the lead developer on the iBiology Courses team, bringing quality online education to scientists. A long time ago I was one of the founding editors of the green building magazine Environmental Design & Construction, which I’m still quite proud of. I’ve got a keen interest in agroecology.

You can email me at daniel@mcquilleninteractive.com or catch up with me on twitter.

Daniel McQuillen photo
Daniel McQuillen
Hobart, Australia